Choose the class that best suits you: in the morning, during the day or in the evening.

Classes adapt to the dynamics of each group, with precise instructions and a personalized approach.

Yoga workshops for kids, Yoga Fundamentals workshops, Yoga & cooking workshops, and much more. In a positive, close and relaxed atmosphere the overall benefits are higher.


“Elena’s open attitude and her continuous quest in her personal practice has brought her to teach precise and dynamic classes, with a high priority towards emotional listening. All qualities that drive you to enjoy her classes. It’s an honor and a pleasure to have her as a student”
MONTSE COB, Director of Omma Prenatal
“I came upon Prenatal Yoga by accident and it transformed my whole pregnancy. It helped me to become aware and to connect with myself and the baby. I can affirm that my pregnancy and my labour have been so good and relaxed in part because of these classes. Afterwards I discovered Yoga for Mums and Babies again with Elena Ferraris. These classes not only made me get back in fisical shape, but also helped me psychologically. Having Elena as a guide is a luxury.”
Y después descubrí el Yoga para mamás y bebés también de la mano de Elena Ferraris. Las clases no sólo me ponian en forma física,si no también psíquica.Y tener a Elena como guia, un lujo!
“I love going to class with Elena Ferraris. The way she combines the physical part with the emotional part is amazing. Perfection is her slogan and that is very stimulating. You can feel that you improve in every class and you come out of class looking at the world and your life with more strength and resilience”
FOSCA BERTRAN, Textile Designer
“Classes with Elena Ferraris always surprise me because of their variety and dynamics. Through her sensitivity she connects every time with my emotional and physical state adapting the class to what I need most. The postures are paced and dynamic at the same time, and I love that.”
HELENA ROHNER, Jewelry Designer