In Mom & Baby Musical Yoga I have partnered with musician and teacher Kate Regan (ViolinKate) to create a unique environment full of warmth, music, humor and growth, above all fostering mom (or dad!) and baby bonding.

Though in each class we repeat certain postures and sequences, the general flow varies every time, adapting to the personal needs (and developmental stage) of the participants.  In “babyland”, where things change constantly, following their rhythm is fundamental.  With the warm sound of the violin, Kate follows the class movements and sequences as we progress.

Of course we also follow mother’s rhythm: anecdotes and doubts about parenting, about baby’s development arise naturally throughout the 90 minutes, leading to conversations that end up being one of the greatest gifts of the class.

Bonds grow between the class participants, and – without doubt – between mom and baby, sending us all back out into the world happy, better aligned, full of melodies and harmonies, and ready for the rest of the day.


  • Bilingual environment (English/Spanish)
  • 30 minutes of physical connection with your baby (massages, yoga postures and movement)accompanied by gentle, live violin music
  • 30 minutes freeplay on the stairs, ramps, balls and other soft materials arranged to maximize exploration and discovery.  Meanwhile, you are chatting with the other parents, sharing your stories and worries
  • 30 minutes of simple songs/movements in English, led by Kate with her ukulele and violin
  • Advice on how to take class activities home to help both you and your baby with daily needs such as digestion, relaxation, soothing and gross motor skill development


Thursdays from 11.30 to 13.00

Trial class 10 €

Single class 16€

4 Clases 54 €