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<strong>ELENA FERRARIS</strong>
ELENA FERRARISDirector and Teacher of Yoga

I am Italian, although I grew up in Austria. I returned to Italy for university, studying at Tireste and in 1994 came to Madrid, where I have lived ever since.

I began my professional life working with languages, both translating and teaching. Later I spent several years working in audiovisual production. I combined my stressful career life with a regular yoga practice until the year 2000 when I decided to dedicate myself to teaching Yoga professionally.

Yoga influenced my vital decisions on every level; motherhood, in turn, has opened up my outlook and approach to further territories.

Following my certification with Yoga Alliance in 2002 I have taught steadily at studios such as City-Yoga, D_Espacio and FIP. Before opening my own studio I was also teaching regularly in the studio of chiropractor Gonzalo Vidal D.C. In addition, I collaborate with Madrid Montessori School in the introduction of Yoga and body awareness in the classrooms. I also am a doula for home and hospital births.

My personal training started with teacher certification in 2002 (Yoga Alliance), but the so-called Yoga training never ends. My trajectory includes prenatal and postpartum Yoga with Montse Cob (OmMa Prenatal), and continuing workshops/classes with renowned international teachers (Donna Farhi, Max Strom, Judith Lasater, Montse Cob, Marta Mahou among others). I include in my teachings restorative and therapeutic Yoga, helping to reestablish symmetry in our bodies and prevent injuries. Recently I took part in the Stress Reduction Program with Carola Garcia based on the Mindfulness Centre at the University of Massachussets Medical Center.
In March 2015 I opened my own studio where I continue giving exclusive and personalized attention to my students who have the option to complement their yoga studies with cooking workshops where they learn how to prepare delicious, healthy foods.

At present I am being trained as a Health Coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with the intention of integrating the concept of nutrition into every aspect of life that influences our state of health: emotional, social, professional, financial, etc… This training has allowed me to combine my passion for cooking with an interest in healthy eating habits looking for a nutritious, simple and delicious diet. To this end, I combine the Italian kitchen (with which I grew up) with other world kitchens, trying to choose products that are free from pesticides, additives and preservatives and also reducing sugar and artificial sweeteners.

<strong>MARIA MARTÍN MONTERO</strong>

I am a doctor in biochemistry specialized in developmental biology, which is the branch that studies the process of how an animal develops from a cell to a fully formed adult. (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

I started to practice Yoga in a vital moment of change while I was feeling very insecure. Yoga made me feel at ease with my body. I noticed its effects since the first day, in my posture and in my mood. Yoga has helped me to regulate myself; it has helped me calm down when agitated and it gives me energy when I felt low. Yoga strengthens and sculpts my body and my mind, while also making both more flexible. Yoga is transforming.

My first contact with Yoga was through Anusara Yoga with Angélica Granados and then I went on to practice for five years Hatha Yoga with Nicoletta Rossi. During pregnancy I practiced with Montse Cob and after her invaluable guide during motherhood and her extraordinary capacity to transmit scientific evidence in this area and to invite to experiment organically I received her OmMa Prenatal training as a Prenatal Yoga teacher, Postpartum Yoga teacher and doula.

I met Elena Ferraris during the delicate first months of motherhood in the Mum & Baby yoga classes that I attended with my baby. Elena guided me masterfully with a body awareness that you only obtain with experience through all the stages after labour. Since that time I have been training with her and also working at her studio. I continue taking part in yoga classes, retreats and workshops with different renowned teachers, such as Donna Fahri and Marta Mahou.

Since 2013 I have been teaching Prenatal Yoga and Postpartum Yoga in City Yoga (Madrid) and Hatha Yoga in the studio of Elena Ferraris, and I accompany women as a doula during labour and postpartum. I love what I do and I want to transmit the love and knowledge that I received and still receive through Yoga.

<strong>ELENA FERRARIS</strong>

I studied Art History at the Complutense University of Madrid and Children Education and English at the Autonoma University of Madrid. My professional career has always been linked to teaching, with a special emphasis on the teaching-learning process from the experiential and body language point of view.

My relationship with body expression began in childhood with classical ballet and other dance disciplines. I started to practice Yoga in a crucial moment of my life; yoga helped me with my own transformational process allowing me to connect with myself and with the world in a flexible, kind and full way. My interest in anatomy drove me to deepen my Yoga practice and to study Quiromassage and Sports massage, to participate in Anatomy for Movement workshops with Blandine Calais-Germain, and finally to become a certified Yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance).

With motherhood my vision of the world and of yoga underwent a shift towards more subtle aspects by the hand of the extraordinary teacher Montse Cob with whom I have been trained as a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher and Doula (Omma Prenata). I met Elena Ferraris immediately after giving birth and I share with her the way of living and understanding Yoga, and since then I continue learning with her.

At present I continue with my studies in Yoga at the Politechnic University of Madrid and I enrich my experience by taking part in courses and workshops with renowned international teachers like Donnah Fahri, Roger Cole, Montse Cob and Marta Mahou, among others.

I am teaching Yoga classes at Elena’s studio with the intention of always working form the self: listening to and connecting with our inner wisdom.

<strong>ELENA FERRARIS</strong>

Ever since I was little, I have felt a special interest in working with people. This drive towards human relationships led me to train as a social worker and to complete different trainings related with social and educational environments. That is how I started to work as an educator for children, adolescents and people with functional diversity. In turn, I started to practice yoga as a way of getting to know myself better, and also as a way of complementing my professional life.

In the process of deepening my knowledge of human relationships, I studied different pedagogical approaches and ways of upbringing based on respecting distinct developmental stages of children (Mauricio y Rebeca Wild, María Montessori, Emmi Pikler, Yolanda González,…). I then decided to get trained as a Children’s’ yoga teacher with Chritine McArdle, founder of Om Schree Om, and to complete the Yoga teacher training for adults. Since then, I have been working as a Yoga teacher for children in various schools and Yoga studios.

Working with children gives me the opportunity to learn and appreciate the freshness of an open mind every single day.